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About Scouting

Dear Parents,

Scouting begins with you. As an organization scouting provides a fun and safe learning environment where you and your son can grow closer, learn important life skills, help the community around you and socialize with other children. It is an opportunity to spend time together in a structured and constructive program that helps build the character he will need to always be prepared, for life.

Boys between the ages of seven and ten or in first through fourth grade are welcome to join the Cub Scouts and become a member of an age-appropriate group called a Den within the larger Pack. A pack is a collection of Dens who meet together and are organized by an adult leadership team of volunteers who are generally fellow parents of children in the pack.

What is is that Cub Scouts do?
Cub Scouts have an amazing opportunity to learn about and participate in fun and games, camping, campfires, hiking, cooking, field and team sports, field activities, knot tying, skits and cheers and much more. All the while developing lasting friendships and building the foundation for a good moral character aware-of and active-in their duty as a citizen and as a member of their communities.

Slate Ridge Cub Scouts Pack 400 Informational Flyer

How do I get my child involved?
Your adventure begins by visiting your local Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop! Check our event calendar and stop in to visit with us. You can find our address and contact information in the flyer linked above or on the About Us page. There are additional resources, including maps and more information on the Boy Scouts of America introduction page:

Once you believe you and your child want to participate, an adult leader will request that you print, complete and bring an official youth application form with you to the next meeting. IF you are unable to print this form yourself (no problem!), just ask your leader for one; if they don’t have one on them immediately, the leadership staff will work to get you a printed copy to complete.

Youth Application (EN):

Scouting is family!

Why is it important?

How do I become involved as an Adult?
“The best part (of Scouting for an adult) is watching them grow and triumph.”

Today, scouting relies upon some 1.2 million volunteer adult leaders to deliver a successful program to our youth nationwide as part of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture crews. All of the leaders in your local pack, troop or crew are volunteers and most likely parents of children in the group. Boy Scouts of America provides training, instruction and oversight to adults who would like to volunteer their time toward helping enrich the lives of their own children and those around them.

If you are interested in volunteering or just helping out, please talk with your local Den or Pack leaders or a Committee member. All adult leaders in the group are encouraged to wear the appropriate uniform to be easily recognizable and to set a good example for the children in their units.

If you would like to become recognized as an adult leader, we encourage you to first speak with one of the existing leaders in your unit and then print and fill out the Adult Application linked below.

It takes all kinds! Even if you cannot commit to a leadership position within the unit, you may have skills or experience to offer as a Merit Badge Counselor to help the youth advance in rank or as a committee member helping to organize events. Help is always appreciated and welcome, just talk with your local unit leadership team!

Adult Application (EN):

Thank you!

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